Bookings at Element Bar

With the current restrictions we are strictly limited with the number of folks we can have in our place at any one time. 

**For larger bookings of 10 or more people, we will call you first to confirm details of your booking, before we accept it.**


Some of our booking times have a 2.5 hour maximum time limit so we can accomodate as many people as we can without exceeding our maximum capacity, however wherever possible we will be as flexible as we can possibly be for you to stay as long as you like providing we have the space & don't exceed our capacity.

All bookings from 6.30pm onwards have no time limits & you are welcome to stay until we close for the night !!


Also, feel free to just drop by at any time & we'll do our best to find you a spot if we have one available.

Obviously when you come in, we won't be fully back to our "full normal selves" & there are some very stringent regulations we need to follow, but we're confident you'll still enjoy a great night out at our place.

If you'd like to book with us, please use the booking request below.


Given we can only have a limited number of folks with us at one time, PLEASE only book for the number of people you are absolutely certain can make it & PLEASE PLEASE also let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you can't make your booking time, need to change the number of folks in your booking or you need to cancel.

Thanks heaps & we can't wait to see you !!

Book A Spot.

  • We have a 2.5hr time limit EXCEPT from 6.30pm or later (no time limit)

    2 hr 30 min